Gratitude Long Overdue

In my short time as a blogger, one thing that has simply blown me away is the fact that people whom I have never met stop by regularly to enjoy the stories that I write. What started out as a diversion to kill time during my 4 hours a day on the Los Angeles Metro System has evolved into an endeavor that matters. It matters if I go a few days without posting an entry. It matters when people leave a kind word or forward my tales to others. It matters when the latest Fury antic makes someone LOL 2,000 miles away. I knew it mattered when I discovered that I had 14 subscribers two weeks after launching my blog and I told d wife in jubilation “I don’t even know 14 parents!”

For someone who gets excited over 14 RSS feeds, you know how much it means to me when the folks who visit my blog give me a pat on the back. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a long overdue thank you to a few bloggers who have given me awards in the past month (my first ones ever!).

This is my first ever award. It was given to me by Deb @ Missives from Suburbia. She’s got a razor-sharp wit, which always earns my admiration (and somewhat intimidates me) so when she gave me this, I was really floored. I make Deb smile? NICE!!



Pretty much all the blogs I visit make me smile, but I’d like to pass this award along to three mom bloggers in particular (I can’t give a guy flowers, sorry) who were among the first to accept me into their “blog herd.” And before I get in trouble, I am in no way comparing you all to cows or wildebeests! At least not in a bad way. (Don’t mind me, I’m just climbing out of this here hole). Ok, let’s just picture graceful gazelles and move on... A herd wanders around with a common destination and protects its own. From the moment this herd took me in, I could always count on these moms to cruise by my site, leave great comments and even talk up the BD blog. These gazelles are:

Piper @ Bliss in Bloom: Reading Piper’s blog is the virtual equivalent to having a cup of coffee with someone. Her blog is conversational and honest. Humorous at times, thought provoking at others, but always engaging. She’d make a kick-ass Starbucks buddy.

Momo @ Momofali’s: Momo makes me laugh. Not like soda-shooting-out-of-my-nose laughter, but more the head-nodding-because-I-can-SO-identify kind of laughter. I think Momo’s take on life and children is most similar to mine. In fact, I often read her posts and think “Drat. Can’t do that one now! Back to the drawing board.”

Jenny @ Mommin it Up: I love reading Jenny’s posts because they highlight the little things in life that may slip by unnoticed. Her posts almost always make me think back to parallels in my life. And then I smile. Those are bonus smiles that never would have crossed my mind if I didn’t read a post about her kid graduating from “Daddy” (in my case Dada) to “Dad” or see a picture of the Sesame St. cupcake crime scene aftermath (which is still one of my favorite blog pictures ever).

Wait! There’s more! Mom bloggers are simply too cool. Two moms gave me this one:


Big heartfelt thank you to Karen from Lyrics of My Life (she’s way cool – she just bought her son a ball python! I used to have 3) and SWC from I Don’t Want a Title (I love it when she rants about stuff that I think but never say).

I need to pass this award along to two fellow dads whom I consider my first blog buddies ever (I’d be surprised if they did not already get this from someone else). If I had a few days off and three plane tickets, I’d fly us all out to Vegas and share waaay too many beers:

Joeprah @ Joeprah: I think everyone who reads my blog already knows Joeprah (he probably brought you here) so he really needs no introduction. He is an extremely funny guy who makes the keenest observations about parenthood, people and life. If I could give a “Best Use of Multimedia” award, it would go to this man as well. I say “Dang, I wish I wrote that” way too often as I read his blog.

Jared @ DadThing: Jared is one hell of a nice guy with a blog that I think best captures the life of a working dad like me. My 7 month old has long since become a school aged boy, so reading Jared’s adventures takes me back. When he’s funny, it kills me. When he’s reflective, I really stop and think. When he’s triumphant, I feel like high-fiving the next random guy on the street.

I will go and create a special Mantel section on my site to proudly display these awards. Please visit all these blogs. You'll enjoy them, I assure you.