Giving It The Old Jamaican Bobsled Try...

Either someone really thinks I am hot, or they are pulling a Carrie on me. But it's official. Some kind soul on the internet nominated me to be on the Hot Blogger calendar. My category? Males. Not "dad bloggers who have a six year old boy, who live in LA who drink Newcastle and build Lego sets and went to China within the last 3 months." I might actually make it in that calendar. Nope, my category? Anyone out there who blogs and pees standing up. 

Whomever it was, I thank you. It was nice getting a direct twitter from the Hot Blogger Calendar folks informing me that I was nominated. And in your honor, I will give this my best shot.


Hey readers, lurkers, friends and relatives! It is my blogiversary!! The Busy Dad Blog is one year old! What started out as a fun way to avoid having to read books on the train has turned into this crazy thing that is careening out of control. And I love it. Thank you ALL for keeping me motivated. And thank you to my family especially. Fury provides the fodder that keeps you entertained and d Wife sacrifices her quality time with me just so I can keep up with this silly hobby of mine. You rock like Newcastle, Lisa. Or should I say Newcastle rocks like you.

If I'm allowed to ask for one blogiversary gift, it's simply your nomination. Being nominated once put me on the preliminary list. Additional nominations keep me there. I can't win this thing, but I'd like to at least get on the final voting pool. Maybe I'll take a screenshot of it to show Fury one day. "See? Your old man was kind of a stud back in the day."

The folks at the calendar determine the final pool by how many nominations I get, so click on over and nominate me. Give an old guy a fighting chance, because honestly, I don't have one: