Getcha Some

If I need to upgrade my belt this season, it won't be due to Newcastle, Onion Rings, In-n-Out Burger or the usual suspects. No, I will blame my newfound girth wholly on the Sunshine company. Forever playing second fiddle to Nabisco, the time has come for Sunshine to de-throne the cracker giant. Their ace in the hole? These bad boys:

One day, they will do a Dateline NBC report on these

It started out innocently enough. They were on sale at the supermarket and I like White Cheddar Cheez-Its. Sure, I'll try their spin-off product, why not? I bought them to put in Marcus' lunch, and as always, I tried the product first to make sure it would be palatable for a five-year old. Whoa!! Like crack laced with really good crack (whoops, there goes my family-friendly rating!). Light, crispy and bursting with cheesy goodness through and through. As I snarfed handful upon handful of these delicately baked sensations, Krypto walked over to see what the commotion was about. I broke him off some. Tail waggin' goodness!!

I'm now hooked on these. Not as hooked as Jenny is hooked on CVS ExtraCare Bucks but I'm closing that gap real fast and furious-like. Do yourself a favor and pick up a box. I really, really, really hope that someone in Sunshine's marketing department is doing his/her due diligence and scanning Google for mentions of this product (ok search engines, this one's for you: Sunshine Cheez-It Stix, Sunshine Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers, Stix Super Tasty Irresistibly Xtra-cheesy White Cheddar) and then decides to send me a year's worth of these things for plugging them.

Man's Best Friend my ass!

[EDITOR'S UPDATE] I'm currently the 8th entry on Google when you type in "Cheez-It Stix" - my year's supply of Cheez-It Stix may just become a reality. I really hope they have diligent PR/Marketing people.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE]  12/19 7:48 pm PST - Now 7th entry and rising.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE]  12/20 6:00 pm PST - I've now disappeared from Google's search results for Cheez-It Stix!! That's it. I hate Google (I just sealed my fate to ever rank for "Dad Blog" too I bet, because Google is spiteful like that). I'm bitter now. Everybody, please use from now on.