Fun with Schoolwork

I was digging through a pile of schoolwork that Fury has brought home over the past couple years and realized that a parent can learn a whole lot more than simply how well his kid is doing in school.

Look at this, for example:

I learned that my kid does indeed know what it means to totally rock.

I'm impressed that he knows how to estimate, but he needs to learn how to round UP. It will serve him better later in life.

I learned that my kid hasn't discovered euphemisms like "distinguised accents" or "sexy salt and pepper."

I learned that when I say "I have to do work right now on the computer" I should maybe open a spreadsheet or something when he walks by.

I learned that I should smile more when d wife and I argue.

And this was a nifty exercise he brought home just the other day:

For the kid-writing impaired the above can be translated as: Buy a money maker and make a million and buy a mansion and a nice car like a Lamborghini or a Rolls Royce.

I learned that he should be my economic advisor. Or maybe Obama's. I'm not selfish.

And this is cool. Here's something he did last year in first grade:

Here's the same exercise that he did this year, in second grade, after we enrolled him in private school.

For the kid-writing impaired, the above can be translated to: I'll be famous for making the show "A Day in a Life" and I'll watch basketball all the time and repeats of my show.I learned that although it pains me to shell out $1000 a month for private school, you cannot put a pricetag on ambition, or an appreciation for fine automobiles.