Fun with Camera Phones

Before we get started, I need to take care of some business. Boss Sanders is going to whack me senseless with a yardstick if I don't complete my "10 Things I Like" list for her Blog Swap (it's like secret santa without the decorated cubicles, paper towels from the office bathroom and donut assortment in a pink box).

  1. Beer T-shirts
  2. Random stuff you hang in a bar (vintage tin signs, neon things etc.)
  3. Star Wars toys
  4. LEGO stuff (combining this with number 3? My kid will love you)
  5. Cooking tools/gadgets
  6. Life if Good T-shirts
  7. Traffic to my blog
  8. Cigars
  9. Anything with a blade
  10. Anything that makes fire
And now, for today's post: Fun with Camera Phones

That Top Secret Invisibility Cloak Thing

You've probably read about this invisibility cloak that the US Military is about to unveil. Well, I already figured it out and I'm gonna share the recipe right here:

- 1 fuzzy blanket
- 1 PSP
- 1 Indiana Jones LEGO game

Place items on child. Turn switch to on position. Enjoy.

* * * * *

Abandon All Hope

Ye who stumbles upon this in ye olde neighborhood shoppe. Chores scheduled for the rest of the day will not get done. And when it's "time to go" (for the 40th time), there will be blood.

* * * * *

The Path to Enlightenment

Is bumpy and hard on the knee joints. Let Crocs comfort footwear put the 'ah' in Nirvana. Now in "Monk Robe Orange." Ok, I know I've gone on record as being a Croc hater, but this just fits the ensemble so well, so I will make an exception. Crocs on monks -- awesome.