Fatherhood is all about

Reaching the tallest branches and sharing the fruits of that labor

... and then adding butter, flour, sugar and ice cream on top for good measure.

Protecting them from butterflies. No, I mean actual butterflies. Every kid has his phobias.

Letting them be amazed and awed, even if that which amazes and awes is simply the Hello Kitty store.

Realizing that sometimes it really isn't fun until you actually poke your eye out. 

Handing down family traditions

... and the love for awesome things in general.

Working at the kids' table even though it's a pain in the neck.

Because a pain in the neck is sometimes worthwhile.

Selfies with a lot less duckface and a lot more faces.

Letting the zombies win.

Just riding life's ups and downs with your belt low and tight across your lap and one hand on the bar. 

Taking a moment to savor it all. You deserve it, dads. Happy Father's Day.