Fate Loves to Screw With Me

Marcus has been slipping bribes from his piggybank to Fate for some time now. I can't prove it, but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. Oh, I want 4 new Bionicles? "Hey Fate, hook me up!" I'd love to have a dog, but dad won't let me? "Fate, step in for a sec, will ya?"

I swear, I think Fate is beginning to have fun with this. I think she derives intrinsic enjoyment out of seeing me totally bested. Why do I think that?

Because this is out of hand.

A few weeks ago, d Wife and Fury were at the dog park with Krypto. I get a call.

"Oh my god, Fury is playing with a Bichon Frise and he loves it."
"That's cool," I say
"And, he reeeally loves it. Can we get one?"
"Uh, no. Those are wimpy dogs," I clearly state.
"But he loooves it!” d Wife insisted, “He even said in his own words 'Mom, I fell in love'"

Ha. I used to be a sucker for my son's strategically cute words, but not anymore. No way. He's cuted his way into too many things. First of all, getting a purebred dog would cost money – a hell of a lot more than Krypto’s Humane Society processing fee. A new dog would also mean housebreaking all over again, paying for shots, and getting him neutered. More money, time and hassle than I was willing to invest for something I’d be embarrassed to be seen with in public. 

This dad put his foot down and it felt good. Holding my line over the next few weeks was actually pretty easy, because for once, I had the rational high ground.

Until Saturday afternoon.

While visiting the produce market with Marcus, I made the mistake of glancing over at the community bulletin board. No, no, no, no I did not see that!!

Dammit, I saw it.
Red added by me for highlighting effects.

I pondered this for a second and looked over at Fury. He hadn’t noticed it yet. I could technically just keep pushing the cart and pretend I didn’t see a thing. But damn this sportsman’s code of ethics I possess! When I am beat, I accept defeat with graciousness.

I dialed the number.

Two hours later, we were jumping into the car to go meet the newest member of our household.

“Fury, do you want to rename the dog?” I asked.
“Yeah, Kryp Brother,” he suggested.

I thought that one over for a second. Seeing as we’re probably in the worst city in the world to be walking down the street saying “Kryp Brother” out loud, I recommended holding off on that exercise for the time being.

An hour later, BJ, the Bichon Frise almost known as “Kryp Brother,” became the newest member of the BusyDad household.


Fury is no longer the lightest member of the household


How, how, how?

And Krypto took to his new brother just fine, despite giving us the “are you serious??” look. A few times.


Of course they couldn’t be brothers without some good old fashioned sibling rivalry.


... and plenty of time to romp! Quick note: d Wife wants me to tell you that our yard looks ghetto because I let everything die, since we’re breaking ground on a major remodel in a few months. 

Oh all right! The little guy is kinda growing on me too.