Dude, You’ll Get So Much, um…

I park the car and get out. As I close my door, I notice Fury hesitate as he opens his. There is a stray cat greeting him, which freaks him out a little. Fury closes his door, shuffles across the seat, and gets out through the other side. As we make our way down the sidewalk, a conversation ensues.

“That cat probably liked the smell of my Axe.”

“Your what?? Did you just say your ass?”

“No. Axe.”

“Axe?? Like the body spray?”

“Yeah, my Axe underarm deodorant.”

“How did you get Axe underarm deodorant?”

“From Tyler at daycare.”

“How old is Tyler?”

“He’s eleven.”

“Well, you don’t need to borrow his Axe. You don’t need underarm deodorant. Yet.” 

And I do not need to explain to my son all the connotations for cat synonyms. Yet.