Do Parent Bloggers Exploit Their Children for Personal Gain? Yoouuu Betcha!!

d Wife suspected it when we watched Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day and I did not complain.

d Wife confirmed it the day she suggested we watch Enchanted on pay-per-view and I said "Sure! ok!" and got off the computer right away without a fuss.

"You totally crush on Amy Adams, don't you!"
"What? No, no, she's pretty, I mean, she does look like a Disney princess and all... but no..."

She totally busted me when the song Amy Adams sings from Enchanted was playing on XM Kids and I couldn't wipe the dumb ass smile off my face. 

OK, fine. I have a new celebrity crush. So what?

So what?

So what do you do when that celebrity crush appears right next to you in line at LAX as you wait to board your plane to Washington, DC? Huh, hot shot?

Amy%20Adams.jpgYes. It happened. There she was. The princess. In the flesh. Going straight to first class as I waited to board my peasant economy class seat. After I regained my equilibrium, I thought, "cool, I can get one more good look at her as I make my way to the back of the plane."

But fate felt bad for all the tricks she has played on me recently. Fate threw me a bone today.

Fate changed my seat at the last moment to row 10. Princess was seated in the last first class row. Row 10 is just two rows behind. Fate also made sure I sat in front of the emergency exit, which meant my laptop bag could not be in front of me during flight. Which meant a flight attendant had to take my bag and find a bin on the plane where they could stow it. A bin that happened to be directly across the aisle from you-know-who.

Well, I had to do work, you know? Which meant I needed to get my laptop once we reached cruising altitude. That gave me a few good minutes to convince myself that such an opportunity should not be squandered.

Should I say something? What the hell can I say to her that won't make me come across as a total dork? Think, dammit!!

Waaait a minute! I got it!

I waited for just the right time. I strolled up to the overhead bin and took out my bag. I put it on the floor and opened it to get my laptop out. There she was, not more than 2 feet away from me. It's now or never, champ.

"Excuse me... " I said, a little less confident than I had intended.
She looked up from reading her magazine. 

"Um, I just had to tell you that my son will totally flip when I tell him that I met you on an airplane" 

She flashed me a big princess smile. "Aww. That's so sweet!"

"Yeah, he's only six, you know?"

"Aww. Thanks!"

"Ok, bye!" *run run run run back to my seat*.

 OH my son. You ROCK. You so totally ROCK!


Me and my son. We got this thing for princesses.