Do not oreo shake your baby

As parents, we often make mistakes. And while those of us who make them must bear the unfortunate consequences of our actions, we can at least share them with the collective parenting community in the hopes that our experiences serve to prevent others from doing the same.

Babies shouldn't have shakes. They are full of empty calories, sugar and fat - especially the delicious Oreo ones from Sonic. However, when babies are strapped to a baby seat while the rest of the family enjoys the spoils of a trip to Sonic, they tend to take issue with conventional wisdom.


No one likes to see their baby suffer. "OK, one sip."

Hear that creaking noise? That's a gateway being opened. Or a box, upon which the name Pandora is scribbled.

The baby approves. But a Sonic shake has finite properties. The baby does not accept this scientific premise. The parent is left with no recourse but to document this lesson on his camera phone.

... that is until d Wife says "enough of these shenanigans."

One cranky baby and empty cup later, the other parent mutters "good thing I have a blog."