Clean My House? Pfft. You'd Have to Pay Me.

I really, really, really hate it when people call my bluff. Because the folks at Pledge promptly cut me a check, sent me a box full of Pledge Multi Surface spray and said "OK, sucka, get to it." AND blog about it on our website How I Clean Now while you're at it.

This proves a few things:

  • I actually can blog more than once every 23 days (I actually have 4 or 5 posts up already).
  • Writing about how you don't like cleaning, why you shouldn't clean, and teaching creative ways to avoid cleaning constitutes writing "about how you clean." Take that, suckas!
  • People are happy whenever you give them free stuff -- even when it's people you or your wife work with, and the free stuff is cans of spray cleaner.
  • Even though I don't take advertising on this blog or ever do paid reviews, I can be bought. Quite easily. As long as I perform what I need to perform outside this blog (BusyDad wears a mean sandwich board, people. Just show me a check).
  • I will go to absurd lengths when I run out of ideas.
  • Like making moustaches out of dog hair:

This didn't make it into the post. Imagine what did.

  • Or cleaning shoes with bread.  

 Don't drink & clean

You get the idea. They let me be me. Which is why I feel ok sending you there to read my posts. And while you're there, you might recognize some other familiar faces who weren't chosen solely because they were the only male to raise his hand. These lovely, talented and legitimately chosen bloggers are Katja, Casey, Erin and Susan.

Go see how I clean. Or at least how I write about it. And be sure to check back there on Tue, May 26 when they post the video of my cleaning intervention from the Style Network's Trish Suhr. They sent a camera crew into my house and it felt like being on MTV Cribs, yo. Minus the Bentley and the art pieces that I know nothing about but got anyway because I'm a rich celebrity who can afford them.

Also there's a contest that ends tomorrow, which means that I should have done this post ages ago. Procrastination. Now there's an art I know something about.

Here's that link again: How I Clean Now