Cheers, MiniMan!! You're 30.

Earlier this month, someone very near and dear to Fury turned 30. I'd like us all to raise our glasses to the one and only LEGO mini man! Or, as Fury likes to call him, LEGO dude. For three decades, the little guy with the yellow head and the smiley face so simple I can type it like this :) has been entertaining kids, surviving housepet maulings and keeping parents busy. And although mini man's face has evolved over the years to include everything from Indiana Jones to Darth Vader, that head is still just as easy to lose between car seats and underneath sofas the world over. That's consistency! 

This post is being momentarily hijacked to bring you an important announcement!

Vote for me here if you think I'd make a good Mr. July. I'd like to take this opportunity to also thank 2 wonderful ladies from WUSA News 9 in Washington DC for pimping me in less threatening fashion on their respective blogs! Angie Goff, the Traffic Goddess and Kim Martucci, the Siren of Weather. Yeah, I went straight to the nation's capital on this little quest o mine. And now back to our scheduled programming.


Thank you, Fury. But I could have just threatened my readers with Zombies or something (the Mini Man is indeed versatile).  Anyway, in honor of the Mini Man's 30th, LEGO built a very cool website: GoMinimanGo.  Check it out, it's very cool. You can watch vintage LEGO commercials, play games, watch videos and learn cool facts about one of the coolest toys ever invented. By the way, did you know that there are more than 8 quadrillion (8,181,068,395,500,000) possible combinations of minifigures that can be made using all of the unique parts over the last 30 years? I didn't even know that was a number. But I'll bet you this. I'll bet you no one has come up with these two combos:

Can you guess who this is?

That of course is the one and only Mr Lady. Yes, my son actually made his own rendition of my blog idol. The kid's got blogging in his blood. (Click here to read the original post.)

And what the hay is this??

DUH! A Chinese dude! (click here to read the original post.)

Oh, by the way, the site also features a video contest. I think I'll hold off on submitting this winner (a video filmed completely by Fury) because it wouldn't be fair to the other contestants. But I'll let you guys enjoy it (click here to read original post):