How to make fried rice without messing it up

I rarely send you elsewhere. However, since I rarely write now, due to my life being even busier than when I first coined my blog name, I'm going to send you to the place that made me this way. I'm in no way bitter about it, however. Ketchum PR has made me happier than I have ever been. I've found a job that lets me be me (and, bonus, they like that!), challenges my skills, and lets me have fun. They also push a drink cart through the corridor every once in a while. Ketchum, you get me. They also just launched a food blog. There's a lot of us at Ketchum who love food, so it was only a matter of time. This weekend, I contributed a post that teaches the proper technique for flawless fried rice. 

For longtime readers of this blog, you may remember that I wrote a Manifesto about fried rice a couple years ago. I've since mellowed out a bit, and that has evolved into a Tao. But the knowledge is still worth dropping, and my opinions are still bullheaded. And I still make fried rice better than your mama. So click over and read. 

The Tao of Fried Rice, on Ketchum PR's food blog, @ppetite.

Another year, another ode to Dexter

Tomorrow night at this time, I will be trying to employ strategies to distract myself from the fact that I won't be able to watch another episode of Dexter for an entire year. I'm one of those people who gets genuinely angry when the credits begin to roll, so you can imagine what it's like to watch a season finale with me. Some couch pillows gonna get punched.

Last year my love for Dexter manifested itself in a Halloween costume (with matching office decor).

Then I made a "How Dexter Would Cook a Turkey" video.

This year, I wrote a seasonally appropriate poem. And by sharing it with you, I'm killing two birds with one roll of Saran Wrap, because I'd also like you to know that you can now find me writing for MamaPop.

What? Jim writing for MamaPop??? Yeah, that's what everyone says. Then again, you didn't know Mister Rogers was a Marine sniper either, did you? (I know it's an urban legend, but the analogy worked too well so go with it).

I'm only two posts in and I've already blown most of my pop culture wad. My first post was about Guns N' Roses, and the post that went live today is about Dexter. I guess I'll just post about Star Wars from here on out until they cut me off.

So anyway, without further excuses, please enjoy my latest: Twas the Night Before the 'Dexter' Season 6 Finale.

Let's take it back to the old school

When I started my blog, I had the luxury of blogging 4 hours a day as I made my daily commute to and from work on the LA Metro system. Nobody knew who I was, and nobody cared - which meant I had to write posts about parenting from a universal perspective, rather than posts about me and my life. Now, I get about 15 minutes a day to blog, if I'm lucky. Granted I have more fun with it now, but my posts were OH SO MUCH BETTER back in the day.

That's why when The Yummy Mummy Club asked me to guest post, I jumped on it. Nobody who reads that site knows who I am. It would give me a chance to write an old school BusyDad post. Sure, it took me like 2 weeks to write, but I loved every minute of it. I could almost smell the transients on the train as I typed away...

Anyway, check it out. This is a post about how the second kid always gets stuck with the jaded parents. If you can comment, that would be great. It's been up like 3 days with no response. I like going old school, but not THAT old school!

What to Expect When You're Expecting... Again

Clean My House? Pfft. You'd Have to Pay Me.

I really, really, really hate it when people call my bluff. Because the folks at Pledge promptly cut me a check, sent me a box full of Pledge Multi Surface spray and said "OK, sucka, get to it." AND blog about it on our website How I Clean Now while you're at it.

This proves a few things:

  • I actually can blog more than once every 23 days (I actually have 4 or 5 posts up already).
  • Writing about how you don't like cleaning, why you shouldn't clean, and teaching creative ways to avoid cleaning constitutes writing "about how you clean." Take that, suckas!
  • People are happy whenever you give them free stuff -- even when it's people you or your wife work with, and the free stuff is cans of spray cleaner.
  • Even though I don't take advertising on this blog or ever do paid reviews, I can be bought. Quite easily. As long as I perform what I need to perform outside this blog (BusyDad wears a mean sandwich board, people. Just show me a check).
  • I will go to absurd lengths when I run out of ideas.
  • Like making moustaches out of dog hair:

This didn't make it into the post. Imagine what did.

  • Or cleaning shoes with bread.  

 Don't drink & clean

You get the idea. They let me be me. Which is why I feel ok sending you there to read my posts. And while you're there, you might recognize some other familiar faces who weren't chosen solely because they were the only male to raise his hand. These lovely, talented and legitimately chosen bloggers are Katja, Casey, Erin and Susan.

Go see how I clean. Or at least how I write about it. And be sure to check back there on Tue, May 26 when they post the video of my cleaning intervention from the Style Network's Trish Suhr. They sent a camera crew into my house and it felt like being on MTV Cribs, yo. Minus the Bentley and the art pieces that I know nothing about but got anyway because I'm a rich celebrity who can afford them.

Also there's a contest that ends tomorrow, which means that I should have done this post ages ago. Procrastination. Now there's an art I know something about.

Here's that link again: How I Clean Now

There I Go Again

Wandering off to other blogs to post stuff. This time I've landed over at was started by one of my oldest friends, Lolita Carrico (old as in I've known her longest, not the old that gets you bonked over the head for pointing it out).

She started a website back in 2001 (the dark times, before blogs as we know them even existed). has since grown to become quite an immense online community of 250,000+ moms.

And me.

I'm kicking off their ModernDads section (right now it's just a blog, but if they can pull off what they are trying to pull off, this is going to be huge). Please check out my first post. It's about life as a dad in this day and age, where everything is so different, yet totally the same.

If you survive the log-in process, please leave me some comment love so that the higher ups over there believe me when I tell them I actually do have readers.

Thank you much!

She Better Bring Me Back Some Rum

What do you do when your friend tells you she's going to go spend a few days soaking up some Jamaican sunshine, running pristine white stand between her toes, and enjoying way too many alcoholic beverages?

YOU would say "go away, I hate you."

I, on the other hand, would say "oh no, you won't be able to post? Sure, sure no problem. I'll be happy to continue to neglect my own blog so I can post one of my favorite posts I've been saving for a rainy day onto your blog."

Because I'm down like that. And she is SmartAss Mom. And she buys me shots.

Go read, please. And if you don't already visit Smartass Mom regularly, you should. She is all over the place -- and it's a riot.

They Were Parents First

Cheaper Than Surgery

Well, I'm officially an "LA Mom" now. It was actually quite painless. All I had to do was write a post. Yeah, yeah, I know... for me that is like pulling teeth these days.

Please click on over and check out my post on what I feel should be the new child development milestones against which our children are measured.

Crawling, Walking, Talking and... Tweeting?

The signs are all there. Fury will execute a hostile takeover of this blog someday.