Shreddin' with Razor

Note: I'm giving away a ton of stuff this month. If you are new to this blog, I don't often do this. If you are a repeat reader, wow. Just wow. You're still here. Hey, we're creeping up on the holiday season and that means there are a ton of companies out there who want to get your attention. Which makes me the gatekeeper of cool. If the product makes it here onto these pages, that means I deem it awesome. And most likely it'll come with a giveaway. I get free stuff, you get free stuff. I got your back and stuff.

Last month, Fury and I were invited on a play date thrown by Razor USA. You may know them as the guys who brought you the Razor Scooter. If you don't know what I am talking about, you are one of the 8% who possess zero brand recognition for the product, which means you probably wear a tin foil hat to keep the aliens away. And live in a bunker.

Razor took over a local park and we spent the day trying out their latest products:

This is the E100 motorized scooter. All of the scooter, none of the effort! Hey, it could be worse. He could be watching Netflix.

This is the GroundForce Drifter. All the street racing goodness of The Fast and the Furious, without all the pesky car decals. Here's the trouble with this thing: it totally rocks. This becomes a problem when your kid cannot stop asking Santa Claus for it. And you have to make up excuses about how elf unions operate and how they called for a strike in the motorized products division due to protests over shipping 30,000 North Pole elves' jobs to China.

Isn't he... pretty in pink. This Sweet Pea is the "closest thing to a motorcycle I ever rode, dad!!" So frilly handlebars be damned, full throttle ahead.

During lunch, Fury made sure to touch base with Razor USA founder and President Carlton Calvin. This is where Fury informed him that if you turn the RipRider 360 too sharply, the wheel rubs your calf. If I see a RipRider with a longer front fork next season, Fury will expect a developer's credit. Or at least a GroundForce Drifter.

That there is a Team Razor rider evoking panic reactions that made it totally obvious the audience was full of parents.

What did I spend my time doing? Mastering the RipStik. This is a skateboard-like contraption that sits on 2 caster wheels and resembles something an intelligent 38 yr old man should simply admire from afar if he valued his tailbone at all. If I learned anything at all that afternoon, it's that intelligence is overrated, and it's best to ride next to soft patches of grass.

Razor sent Fury and me a RipStik and RipRider 360 after the event because it's awesome watching a grown man eat pavement while his son rides along next to him. But you know what? This old guy still has some shred left in him. Check out our video test drive below.

Also, I've saved the best for last. You can actually win a RipStik or RipRider360 right here simply by leaving a comment below (and letting me know which drawing you'd like to be entered in. I won't sweat you if you say "both."). I will draw 2 winners Wednesday the 17th at 9pm PST. Just don't leave a lame as comment like "Enter me in the contest." Because I totally won't.

Go Stuff a Stocking

With this:

Fury and his Kid Test Labs cohorts TXU and Brendan recently did a video review of this awesome book by Bonnie Burton.

And I think I've reached the pinnacle of my life and can simply retire from all this now. Because the OFFICIAL STAR WARS BLOG wrote about it.

So like a spider who has laid her eggs, there is nothing more I can do but find a corner, smile and wither away.

But first, check out their review. You can even win a copy of the book, just in time for stocking stuffing, or your equivalent holiday money draining tradition.