Hello my name is Busy, and I like to do drawings

Last summer, d Wife went online to find Fury a lunchbox for the upcoming school year. I don't know how she stumbled upon it, but she ended up purchasing one from Go Green Lunchbox. When it arrived, I didn't think much of it. It was a lunchbox. I have better things in my life to pay attention to. But then I opened it. And my life changed.

It had a whiteboard in it.

If you know me from Twitter, you know that I





Naturally, I drew a ninja on it. Followed by Optimus Prime, then of course Boba Fett. And that's how Lunchbox Daily was born. Almost every day, I would draw a cartoon on the whiteboard and send Fury to school. I would also post it online. While I loved that people on the internet dug my cartoons (they even got a mention in Wired), my favorite accolades were the ones Fury gave me:

"Dad! I'm the 4th most famous kid at my school because of the lunchbox!"

"All the big kids crowd around the lunchtable to see what you drew."

"Mr. [asst principal] came by to see today's lunchbox."

"I didn't understand the lunchbox today."

While I have to admit that it can get really tedious thinking up things to draw every day of the week, Lunchbox Daily means a lot to me. First, Fury likes it. Also, my mom did the same thing for me when I was a kid. Every night, she would draw cartoons on me and my sisters' lunchbags. They usually had to do with something that happened that day, so I kept them all in a box, like a cartoon diary. Sadly, I have no clue where they are now, but the happiness they brought me is something I will always cherish and I wanted to pass that on.

Also, I want to let you know that over the summer, I painstakingly moved every single cartoon off of my Posterous blog and into their new home right on this blog. Because honestly, that site got more traffic than this blog and this is the one with my name attached to it and, dammit, traffic is a matter of honor and I want it here! Call me an internet Samurai.

Since today is also Fury's first day of school, I thought it was a good time to officially introduce you all to Lunchbox Daily and also post the first cartoon of the school year.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to give props to two essential elements of Lunchbox Daily: Go Green Lunchbox and Mabel's Labels.

Go Green Lunchbox is obvious. They make the lunchbox with the dry erase board on it. Why Mabel's Labels? Because they make cockroach-in-nuclear-winter durable labels, my friends. At the end of last school year, I noticed that the Mabel's Label affixed to Fury's Lunchbox survived the entire year! Fury would wear out a kevlar vest if you let him wear it to recess. Those are some tough labels. Also, they serendipitously became essential to this year's lunchbox and literally saved Lunchbox Daily. Read on...

You know the whole bento box craze that has been hitting the school lunch circuit these days? Go Green was doing this long before it was cool. So there. Their lunchboxes feature a durable outer insulated bag, with a compartmentalized container inside (the bento part, if you will).

And of course, there's the whiteboard on the inside cover. Go Green was nice enough to send me their latest model a few weeks ago; however I must admit that I was a little bit sad because they changed the whiteboard. It seems that they replaced the vinyl whiteboard from last year's model with a metallic one held by a green frame. I did a quick drawing test on it, and it takes dry erase ink better and erases more easily (on the vinyl one, I had to erase it with olive oil to get all the ink out). But what they gained in quality, they lost in size. This new whiteboard, because it is metallic, cannot be sewn directly on the canvas. It must instead sit inside a plastic frame that is sewn into the cover. While this improves writing quality and aesthetics, it greatly reduces drawing space.

I needed to mod this sucker out. Ever seen a grown man gettin' crafty? Now's your chance.

Yes, I'm doing crafts. Wanna make something of it?Like Orange County Choppers, but with lunchboxesThere's crazy in them eyesYes, like the hearts of my vanquished foe, the green frame was cut out of the lunchbox to give me more drawing room. But like the barbarian warriors before me, I cut first and pondered later: "How the hell do I get this metal whiteboard to stick to the canvas now??"

I'm bright like that.

Superglue doesn't work on metal. I don't care what the ads say. But you know what does? Mabel's Labels!! I had never really taken the time to handle a Mabel's Label in the past, so I had no idea that they weren't simply stickers. I have no idea what they are composed of, but they are not of this earth. You know the teflon tape that plumbers use to seal threads between pipes? That's kind of what they're like. Mabel's Labels are stretchy, and they will stick to anything -- and stay there. You want proof? Check it:

That whiteboard ain't going nowhere! And now I have more drawing space for the cartoons, and you can identify my son's lunchbox from outer space. You know what I want? I want a roll of unprinted Mabel's Labels. Just to fix stuff around the house.

I'm horrible at transitions, so here is where I simply tell you that I am giving away a make-your-own-lunchboxdaily-lunchbox kit. This kit includes: one Go Green Lunchbox of your choice, and a Mabel's Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo. Box cutter and crazy Asian not included.

To enter, just go to Go Green Lunchbox's site and choose the lunchbox you would want. Then write it in the comment section below. Also, tell me what you wish you could label if you could label anything in the world (because if you can't stick a Mabel's Label on it yet, I'm sure they'll eventually make one that will - yes I am giving them free market research). If you do both things, you will be entered into my drawing. I'll give you until the end of the day Friday. 

Stones, birds and killing them

Help me fellow blogger... you're my only hope.

Some of you may know that I'm going to be speaking at Blissdom in a few days. This is not unlike me, 28 years ago, saying "some of you may know, I have a book report due in a few days." Because tonight is when I crack open the book, read as fast as I can and hope that some semblance of coherence comes out of my mouth later on. Also, since speaking at a blog conference kind of requires one to have a blog, I have to dig this old thing up and post on it.

So, bird #1. Killed.

For bird #2? I'd like to use one of my lifelines: blog a friend.

My presentation is titled: Innovative Writing Techniques: How to Keep Your Audience Breathless

Funny story behind this. See, I'm a lazy home writer. A large part of my day job involves writing, as in proper intro paragraphs, good grammar, sentence transitions, punctuation, and all these other elements that communicate an idea as coherent narrative. This means that when I write for pleasure, the last thing I want to do is use any of that. Instead, I do lazy things like make videos, impersonate the Food Network, sing duets, dance, write fake newspaper articles, make more videos, do mad libs, write some Haikus, eat dog food (and put it on video), make lists, photoshop LEGO scenes, etc. All in an effort to avoid paragraphs. And I say it's worked out pretty well so far.

Until someone thought it was innovative.

Now I have to stand there in front of hundreds, dozens, tens, some people and talk about it. Is this what they call a public calling out? Luckily, I have some real pros helping me with this (Amy Turn Sharp and Leslie Flinger). But I still need to drag some others down with me. My powerpoint skills only go so far.

Here's where you come in: I would like to highlight as many "innovative" blog posts as I can during my presentation. Have you ever written a post that conveys an idea or story in an unorthodox way? Something that wasn't neatly wrapped up in an intro paragraph, 2 body paragraphs and a conclusion?

If so, leave me a link to it in the comments below. I may use it in my presentation at Blissdom. You scratch my back, I get Blissdom attendees to marvel at how creatively lazy you are.

I can see the birds falling out of the sk...

Too soon? Yeeeah, sorry.

Spreadsheets are like Zen to me (giveaway winner announcement)

A good spreadsheet makes sense of the world. It gives every data point a reason to exist. It is the matrix, defined, contained and tangible.

Within these rows and columns exists power. The power to decide who actually got a return on investment for watching my Saw video and completing the challenges I put forth. I thank all of you who participated. It is cool readers like you who enable me to host these giveaways in the first place. Without you, I am blogging into a void. The void is buzzkill. The void doesn't thank me and say that I'm awesome when random.org chooses it to win an Xbox.

But I ramble... let's get to the winners, shall we?

Tony Hawk Shred for Wii: Gnilleps
Battle Machines: Rebecca
Atari Greatest Hits for Nintendo DS: Otter321 of Life of a New Dad (who granted me a redneck pass earlier this year) and JasKerr
Aerial7 Headphones: Zakary of Raising Colorado (I just call her Grasshopper)
Me and Goji custom cereal: Austin
Xbox Kinect: Becky of The Violet Fig (Who happens to be a fan of my rappin skillz. Good things come to those who endure my karaoke.)

Thanks for playing! If I get around to making the home edition of the BusyDad Game Show, I'll send a copy to everyone who entered my contest. It's hours of enjoyment in the comfort of your own home.

Winners will be emailed. I'm just posting this because it'll buy me a few days to think of something interesting to write...

Ask a Dad Blogger, Live, Tue 10/26 5pm PST

As a community leader in the "SoCal Family Connect" community on BlogFrog, I'm afforded the opportunity to discuss anything and everything about parenting, family and other related topics with a bunch of cool people from all over. And I get to use more then 140 characters. I also get to think before I post.

Well all that has changed, as the evil geniuses behind Blog Frog have asked me to host a live, real-time chat on Tue 10/26 (today!) at 5pm PST... no, not host, more like submit to. Because this chat is called "Ask the Dad Blogger."

I promise to be open, honest, entertaining and ready to plead the 5th.

Just go here.

Oh Baby Girl!

How I love you so.

Tale of the Tape

Name: Alessia James Lin
May 20, 2010
20 in.
7lb 6oz.
All the way through your heart
Fighting out of:
A womb
Keys to Victory: Wrapping daddy around her little finger, screaming like a banshee
Fighting Style: All Ninja, with a brown belt in the Force

Time to change my header graphic...

Also, d Wife was the true champion. All I had to do was sit and I almost passed out. Mothers are a different breed of human being.

One more week

This used to be my office. I had a nice desk, some books, my guitars and privacy. The desk is now in the living room. Those books fetched a good quarter each at my sister's dragon boat team yardsale. Those guitars are now wall displays in my bedroom, a Hardly Rock Cafe of sorts. My privacy? My very own bathroom key at work is nothing to scoff at.

I guess this is an example of eminent domain on a micro-economic level. Well, I have to admit, an Espresso crib and dresser set is less of an eyesore than an expressway.

It's not that I like to create flower motifs on baby bedroom walls. It's simply that if you're going to stick decorative flowers on a wall near a window, at least take the time to make it look nice and flowy, so as to mimic the gentle kissing of velvety petals by a coy spring breeze. Right? Bro?

I didn't do this one. d Wife did this. Because I was pounding brews and playing poker with the Sopranos at the time. I totally wasn't measuring string and tying loops.

Ah, who am I kidding... bring on the tea party. Yes, the one with the pinkies.

One. More. Week.

Getting Busy

Heh. Oh, will you look at that! I didn’t realize what time it was. Is that clock right? It says One-Month-Since-You-Posted-You-Slacker o’clock. Pacific time. I wonder if I can just get away with a meme or something? Or a Kanye “Ima Let You Finish” picture? Maybe I can--

Damn you, Momo! Always calling me out. Fine. Here’s a post about funny stuff that Fury says:

Whole Grain Cereal is not Ur BFF

 At the breakfast table the other day…

“Hey, dad? I thought this cereal was supposed to be good for me.”

“It is, Fury.”

“It has no trans fat, no saturated fat, but oh my God! Cholesterol!”

“Wha? There’s cholesterol?”

“Yeah, oh my God, cholesterol!”

“Gimme that.”

Can't argue with that. It's in writing.

Ok, I admit that was a sub-par coming-out-of-sabbatical post. Definitely not worth a month’s wait. How about I sweeten the pot with a “like father, like son” post?

Look Smart

During college, I wanted to look smart -- mainly because a football player muscle-bound physique just wasn’t in the cards for me. I figured the whole nerdy chic thing might be a wee bit more attainable for someone like me (ya think?? Skinny, Asian, Ivy Leaguer). 

But I was missing one essential accessory: glasses. I had perfect vision, and it was cramping my style. That style being specifically that exquisite pair of tortoise shell Armani frames. So I faked it. Zero prescription lenses raise your IQ by 5 points and your GQ by 10.

Fast forward 15 years. Harry Potter has made smart kids with glasses cool again. So at his request (and two straight demerit-free weeks) we went and raised Fury’s IQ and GQ at Target’s optical dept. They’re technically for his Halloween costume, but yeah, he totally wore them to school today.


Obviously, I need to up the ante. Momo, you are ruthless. You’ve left me no choice. I’m busting out the giveaway post.

Relieving Guilt with a Postage Stamp

I like reviewing cool products, and I love giving stuff away. But I don’t enjoy doing straight giveaways or reviews without some sort of relevant context. Now I have a huge pile of random things that I need to write about and give away. I guess that means I’m consistently irrelevant?

No matter, I’m giving stuff away. FREE is relevant in any language. The following cool things have been sitting on my desk, guilt tripping me for almost a year. If you want to enter my drawing to win any one of these, just tell me which in the comments section:

Toon Books: When Fury was 2, I started adding comic books into his bedtime story rotation. He loved them. And let me tell you, when you can start the sentence “ogliotronic fuel cells built upon a...” and your toddler can complete it with “haptic interface,” it’s pretty damn freaking cool. So when these Toon Books people sent me some of their children’s books done up like comic books, Fury ate them up. I actually had some pictures of him running away from taking a shower because he wanted to finish reading first. But I cannot find them in my computer!! So you’ll just have to trust me that 9 out of 10 kids agree that Toon Books are better than a shower.

Poingo: See that pen in the box? That pen has 256 mb of memory and will store 50 books, which you can download from the Poingo website. Sure, it’s no kindle, but can you run your pen along pictures and hear sound effects from Finding Nemo and Cars and Lion King? Can your kindle read to you? I thought not. 9 out of 10 kids agree that Poingo is cooler than Kindle.

Pocket Doodles for Kids: You know when you go on a long car ride and you forget to bring the car charger and then the PSP dies and then you get “but daaaaaad! I told you to bring it for me!” for the remainder of the trip? This little distraction has fewer moving parts and requires better hand-eye coordination. This nifty book of half completed pictures and other doodling games is a simple idea. And totally brilliant. 9 out of 10 kids choose a new PSP over this book, but you’re the parent and know better.

Oh, you are strong. Time to pull out the triple-threat. A post about a blog trip, hanging out with blog peeps and announcing a new project.

Bloggers: the Next Generation

I have to thank Electronic Arts (EA). For totally ruining my kid for every Christmas and birthday to come. They really just could have sent him a few games to review and end it at that. But no, they had to invite him to spend 3 days in San Francisco. Playing video games. NEW ones. That haven’t come out yet. Games like MySims Agents, Nerf II “N-Strike Elite” and SimAnimals Africa. And he got to preview Spore Hero for Wii. He played lots and lots and lots of Spore. And they fed him ice cream sundaes. Bastards. And on top of that? Guess who also came along? Mr Lady and her kids. Which meant Fury, 1 of 3, and 2 of 3 finally got to meet. In REAL LIFE!

Exceeds the recommended daily allowance of Epic.(See more EA pics on MrLady’s Flickr page )

And 3 of 3 had me at her beck and call for 3 days.

Because I’m a sucker for illegally high doses of cute. And I spent the weekend thinking “I so gotta make me one of these. Or steal this one.”

The boys, however, entertained more constructive thoughts. And took lots and lots of video. And paid very close attention to release dates, product attributes and playability. The boys knew there was a higher purpose to this trip. The boys knew their parents co-write a blog that hasn’t been updated in 6 months. The boys knew that little corner on the internet could be better served “under new management.” The boys are planning on ruling the world. And they’ve got a header made.

Look out, world. It’s happening soon.

I’m about to give up. How about one of those tearjerker video snippets? You know, the kind that makes all guys shed an empathy tear?

Good Ride, Dada Truck, Good Ride

Sadly (but to my great relief), a few weeks after I put the beloved dada truck up on Autotrader, I was able to find it a nice home. Here is our last moment together, saying bye as the new owner drove off into the sunset.

As heartbreaking as it was, I now have one year’s private school tuition in the bank. And Fury, after being dragged out of the house to participate in this video “can now go back to playing Spore.” Kids. Sigh.

What? You can’t be serious. This is like a year’s worth of posts, Momo! You know what? I’m sick of this. I’m going to go write on somebody else’s blog. How’s that? On top of that, I will make it a lighthearted yet useful post about kids and eating. So there.

Going Green: How to get your kid to eat veggies

Ok you leave me no choice. Here:

I was feeling a little bit queasy today. So I went to the drugstore and got me one of these test thingies.

Oh well, probably just some bad fish.

d Wife also felt a bit off. And since I had an extra one, she tried it. Twice. With two different brands. Turns out, that myth about BusyDad taking his blog post titles really seriously?


"I'll Have a Busy Dad."

See that phrase above? I've got a vision. And after much contemplation, I've come to believe it's what I was put on this earth to accomplish.

I must have a drink named after me.

And now I fully understand why a usually well-prepared guy like me would drop the ball and not get around to printing business cards for BlogHer: my time in Chicago on July 23-26 was destined to be more than simply networking for my measly blog.

It was meant for launching the next Manhattan, the next Mai Tai, the next Tom Collins, the next Adios Mofo. The next great cocktail.

It all came to me quite by accident (like all the good things and 7 year olds in my life) a few days ago. I was pouring my usual Jack Daniels to end the evening when the unthinkable happened: I ran out. If you knew me at all, you'd know I would never let that happen. Frustrated that my glass was only half full, I scrounged around my bar to find anything else alcoholic I could throw in there. The only thing I could find that made any sense was a bottle of Frangelico. What the hey, I topped off the glass, threw some ice in it and tipped it back.

I was very pleasantly surprised. I toyed around with this combination a little bit more, Googled it to make sure it wasn't already an existing concoction and just like that, I invented a cocktail. Now, you all know the real story behind it, but here's the recipe with a PR/Marketing spin -- just in case the Food Network ever does a special on "Cocktails That Rule the World" and decides to interview me:

The Busy Dad

  • 2 parts Jack Daniels (because I'm a card-carrying Tennessee Squire)
  • 1 part Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur (because you gotta be one part nuts to be a successful parent)
  • A splash of Diet Coke (because it's what gets me through each day when I am not allowed to drink beer).

Pour into a lowball glass with ice and stir with one of those long Lego pieces (because chances are you'll find one of those before any real stirring implement).

So, instead of business cards, I'm bringing a mess of those longish Legos. And if any of you attending BlogHer orders a Busy Dad, I'm giving you one. My hope is to return home Lego-less. But I guess if the drink doesn't catch on, at least Fury can make a really cool wall.

Also, since you're here reading this post, I guess this is a good time to tell you that I'm actually on a panel at this year's BlogHer. This panel was dreamt up by fellow Hot Blogger Calendar alum Avitable (and the brilliance of the subject matter and its title leaves no doubt that it was his idea). I'm just going to send you to his post about it and encourage you to submit questions to ask Avitable, ChildsPlayx2 and me.

I don't know how this is going to play out, but I do know that I'll do a lot better with a few Busy Dads within arm's reach.

This Is Not a Real Post

Fine, you can say that about 80% of my posts. Semantics. There are just a few housekeeping items that I feel might be of interest to you. I won't take too much of your time (or mine - I am technically on a break, remember?).

* * * * *

I Know What Boys Like

I know that I am on a temporary hiatus from blogging, but when someone showers me with compliments asks nicely, I find it hard to say no. So I guest posted. I know. Makes zero sense. But really, when do I ever make sense? And really really, it was just a short one. My new Twitter friend Rhea, who runs a hip mom-style site called The Cocktail Cafe wanted to a guy's perspective on cool gift ideas for men. So I made a list.

* * * * *

So There's This Book

My friend April has this book that she wanted to give away on her blog. It is called Crash Course for New Dads. I checked it out and it is definitely useful. However, apparently not too many dad-to-be's are cruising her site, so she still has it. I'm not sure if I myself have many dad-to-be's who drop by, but my opinion is that full fledged dads can also get some use out of this book. Or give it to your teenage son and watch him go "WTF dude!" Just leave a comment stating that you want to win this book and I'll enter your name into a drawing.

* * * * *

So There's This Calendar

And I'm on it. Just in the nick of time too. My 15th college reunion is coming up this spring and I had nothing to compete with "just taught an entire village in the Amazon jungle how to start their own software outsourcing venture" or "My novel missed making the NYT Best Seller list by 3 places. Back to the drawing board." But now? Now I can proudly say. "Hot Blogger Calendar. Mr. May -- oooh shrimp toasts! Excuse me."

I'm also on the button (totally dwarfed by the hotness of Amy, but hey, riding coattails is my specialty). Click on it to go to the Hot Blogger Calendar. If you buy one, any money I make from it will go to charity. It will be something children related but I haven't decided which one (suggestions welcomed). I'll probably kick in some money on my own as well because sending a charity a big 'ol check for $8 will also likely ellicit a "WTF dude!" 

When they were putting the calendar together, they made us fill out these questionnaires from which they plucked some quotes to put on our page. Since I spent a few good drams of Scotch writing it, I felt it best to recycle. Plus, I know you all love embarrasing stories about me.

What are your must-read blogs? I’d tell you, but I’d be violating Stalker-Blogger confidentially.

What's your blog about? “Parenting Without a Helmet” is my tagline and that pretty much sums it up. I’m a first-time dad who doesn’t like to read, so I make stuff up as I go along, blogging about it every step of the way. Kind of like a free-form jazz ensemble, but with more whine and less sax.

What do you think about the HBC project? You called me hot, dressed me up and took pictures. I’ve never felt more like a piece of meat in my entire life, and I can’t thank you enough for it.

What makes bloggers hot? The ability to grab you in funny places via your monitor, whether by wit, insight, humor, intelligence or confidence. Or if they look like a Disney princess.

What's the hottest thing about you? My son. Everyone loves the little guy. And since he’s not of age, I’m the sidekick who reaps the benefits. Like the older New Kids on the Block did when Joey McIntyre was 12.

What do you find hot in another person? The right answer is attitude. The real answer is resemblance to a cartoon. I’m a sucker for big eyes and a bright smile. Unless you’re a guy. Then you just look like Bob’s Big Boy.

Tell the story of one of your hottest moments ever. Was it funny? Serious? What made it hot? A few years ago, I was a contestant on The Big Date on USA Network. There’s nothing hotter than 3 girls trying to best one another by telling a national television audience how they would help you unwind after a long day. I actually won, but my date and I missed the Jamaica trip by one question, and had to go to the Long Beach Blues Festival instead. The hottest thing about that date was the chili booth, unfortunately. Funny thing is, people on the street recognized me even months later. Some people take their daytime game show watching a little too seriously. Don’t try to YouTube it. I already did and it’s not there.

Tell a funny story of one of your least hot moments ever. How did you get through it?
I had a girlfriend who asked me to wear a shirt that she bought for her ex which “he wouldn’t wear.” Yeah, I know. And yes, I did. And to go with this white stretch fabric Versace shirt with the mesh back, she picked out a matching pair of pleather DKNY pants. How did I get through my night out as a Night at the Roxbury extra? The same way I get through everything else that life throws at me: lots and lots of booze.

(If you want to see what my spread looks like, I posted it on my Twitpic page, which you can access from my sidebar. It's that ugly purple box that says "BusyDad in Real-time." Ok, I'm going back into hiding now.)

Out To Lunch

Hi folks. This is Jim. This blog is my life, but so is paying bills 'n stuff (does the apostrophe go before or after?). And the paying bills n' stuff (hedging my bets on that apostrophe) requires me to do dirty things like work. And when work piles up, blog neglect guilt consumes me. Until I can't do my work that well. And then I worry that if I don't do my work well, I won't have a job that enables me to pay bills n stuff (covering ALL the apostrophe bases, fool).

So it is with much regret that I hang this sign up and say I gotta leave for a little while. Like the dude in Kung Fu. But when I come back, it'll be with much skillz. And maybe a bonus check from my work because I'm kicking so much work ass.

Don't fret. It's only gonna be like 2 weeks or so. I hope.

(WeaselMomma is gonna kill me because I've owed her my "Flat WeaselMomma Adventures" post for what, a month now?)

In the meantime, you can keep up with my daily antics on Twitter and Twitpic.

Sooo Money

"Fury, you look so cool!"
"Maybe it'll lure Fiona back?"

(poor kid... the love of his life, Fiona, moved to Chile when he was 4)

You know who else is money?


Yes, you. My dear readers. Because of you (and your high threshold for my vote whoring pimping), I won a spot on the Hot Blogger Calendar! Thank you all so so much. There were like 130+ guys on the list. The fact that I made it doesn't speak so much of my actual hotness, but more of how truly down for me you all are. Look at the final twelve. There are some big timers on there. With easily 10x my readership. But thanks to you, I hung in there and pulled it off. So mathematically speaking, you must have recruited your peripherals to help the cause. As is only proper, this is where I thank your co-workers, the poor souls on your email fwd list and, of course, your wonderful grandmas.

Know what else is cool? Fatherhood is getting its due props as a thing of hotness in this first-ever Hot Bloggers Calendar. Fellow Blogher-crashing daddy blogger Backpacking Dad will also be making the trip to NYC for our little calendar shoot.

Now the question is, what should the theme of my picture be? I'm thinking like Atlas, but with the new Lego Death Star, of course...

It's the Eye of The Tiger

This is my Rocky Balboa moment. I'm now a final candidate on the Hot Blogger Calendar. Ok, so they changed the rules so that anyone who was even nominated once is now in the voting pool. But that does not change the fact that I appreciate so much that SO many of you left comments and nominated me! THANK YOU ALL!!  I gotta go take that screenshot and save it to show Fury because you can actually vote for me now!!

As you may know, I try to respond to every one of my comments (within the comment), but I was out this weekend sipping iced tea and catching up on the latest musicals at a bachelor party in Vegas. So in lieu of my usual replies (because I have to leave for a meeting in less than an hour), this goes out to all of you ass-kicking well wishers and nominators:

"Thank you! And yeah wow - I can't believe I've been blogging for a year now. Crazy! Dude, it's not gay, it's support, like slapping a teammate's butt. Aw, shucks, it's only because I rigorously hand selected that out of 20 others that I made my poor kid take before I would let him watch Bindi the Jungle Girl. And no, if I make it, they'll probably just bury me neck deep in Lego pieces."
For any of you landing here randomly from the Hot Blogger site, I actually updated my flickr site (that's hunger baby!). And yeah, yeah I know - my kid is my mojo. But come on, do you think this eye of the tiger look can simply be learned? No, it is DNA. It is born (I'm lucky most of you have no idea what d Wife looks like).

Giving It The Old Jamaican Bobsled Try...

Either someone really thinks I am hot, or they are pulling a Carrie on me. But it's official. Some kind soul on the internet nominated me to be on the Hot Blogger calendar. My category? Males. Not "dad bloggers who have a six year old boy, who live in LA who drink Newcastle and build Lego sets and went to China within the last 3 months." I might actually make it in that calendar. Nope, my category? Anyone out there who blogs and pees standing up. 

Whomever it was, I thank you. It was nice getting a direct twitter from the Hot Blogger Calendar folks informing me that I was nominated. And in your honor, I will give this my best shot.


Hey readers, lurkers, friends and relatives! It is my blogiversary!! The Busy Dad Blog is one year old! What started out as a fun way to avoid having to read books on the train has turned into this crazy thing that is careening out of control. And I love it. Thank you ALL for keeping me motivated. And thank you to my family especially. Fury provides the fodder that keeps you entertained and d Wife sacrifices her quality time with me just so I can keep up with this silly hobby of mine. You rock like Newcastle, Lisa. Or should I say Newcastle rocks like you.

If I'm allowed to ask for one blogiversary gift, it's simply your nomination. Being nominated once put me on the preliminary list. Additional nominations keep me there. I can't win this thing, but I'd like to at least get on the final voting pool. Maybe I'll take a screenshot of it to show Fury one day. "See? Your old man was kind of a stud back in the day."

The folks at the calendar determine the final pool by how many nominations I get, so click on over and nominate me. Give an old guy a fighting chance, because honestly, I don't have one:

A Little "Gorilla" Marketing

Hey folks, a quick follow-up to yesterday's post about the book Don't Touch That! If you purchase (or win) the book and throw a review or plug up on your blog, Jeff will draw a digital pic of your kid(s) with their favorite animal and email it to you. Just send him an email (jeffdaycartoons@gmail.com) with a link to your post, a pic of your kid(s), their animal of choice and he'll get crackin'!

Kinda like this...

Fury with his animal of choice:


Jeff's Interpretation:






BusyDad Radio Interview - Take Two, 1pm EST TODAY

I would have included a graphic, but I have no idea what those things that directors use to signal "take one/two/three" are called, do you? Those scene thingamajigs are something you've seen and known about ALL your life, but never bothered to name. Isn't that odd?

Anyway, if you tuned into my last radio interview, you will remember all the exciting things I didn't say. Well, I said them, but only Soapbox Mom heard them. Because there was no sound. So, we're doing it again.


Tune in. CALL IN. Make me squirm because this ad lib stuff? I'm really bad at. 

[In case you missed it, just click below to hear the recorded version. Ha, you thought you could get away.]



I've Officially Lost It...

Gone off the deep end. Bought stock in Yahoo. Converted my video collection to HD DVD. Signed Bruce Willis to a 3-album deal. Invested in a Segway dealership. Whatever you want to call it.

I am doling out advice.

Yes, the dad who thinks that this...








and this...


are perfectly normal activities for a kindergartner.

The only thing that makes this right? I'm doing this with none other than Mr Lady--the mom who admittedly does things the wrong way, but somehow always comes out the other side with kids whom anyone would be proud to call their own. Well, I guess I've got one of those too.

SRD%20Button%20Final.jpgSo I take it back. We are more than qualified for this little venture that we just launched.  It's called Stark Raving Dads. In Mr Lady's words, Stark Raving Dads is a "Dear Abby for guys." But twice the fun. For each question you submit, you'll hear from both of us. Aside from the whiskey thing, we're coming from opposite ends of the spectrum. Sure, it's like betting evens and odds on the roulette table, but hey, you don't lose any money and you get free booze.

So dads, come on by and ask us your burning parenting questions (anything but "can you watch this kid for me?"). We don't promise results. But we can assure you that it'll be a lot more interesting than what BabyCenter has to say.