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FutureWeapons is a very cool show on the Military Channel. Sunday's episode highlighted robotics and unmanned military vehicles. Educational, safe to watch, and we’re both engrossed in this interesting show.

A commercial break. I leave to check email.

The sound of TV commercials provides background drone. I pay no heed to the “ask your doctor” disclaimer piping in from the next room. Until Fury’s voice follows it up.

“Dad? What’s Herbies?”

Oh no.

“Daaad! What’s Herbies?”
Trying my best not to crack up. “Um. It’s... a disease.”
“What happens when you have Herbies?”

Failing miserably right now. Stifling a laugh in the crook of my elbow.

“How do you get Herbies?”

I have no answer. I’m laughing too hard.

“What’s so funny?”
“Something really funny is on my computer, Fury.”
“Lemme see!”

Commercial break ends. Back to robotic killing machines.

Saved by the bell.