Better Than Legos??

cover.jpg “Dad, I wanna read the book instead of playtime tonight.”

I wish I recorded that. I will never hear that again. We play with Legos during his pre-bedtime playtime. Nothing trumps Legos in Fury’s mind.

As far as book reviews go, that says it all really. There’s nothing I can add to lend more credibility to this book, but I’ll try. For those of you who visit this blog, you may have noticed the badge on the right side that says BusyDad Tales. Some of you may have actually clicked on it before. If you enjoy the comics, chances are you (and your kids) will thoroughly enjoy the book Don’t Touch That! Because the same guy wrote it.

Yes, my partner in comic crime, Jeff Day, has written a kid’s book! A very entertaining and informative kid’s book. Don’t Touch That! is a guide to all things icky, poisonous and bite-y that one may encounter in the great outdoors. Like a field guide with all the boring stuff stripped out.

With chapters that cover all your basic categories (plants, insects, reptiles, mammals, etc.), Don’t Touch That! does a great job explaining the effects of everything from a poison ivy rash to a bite from a rabid critter. But more importantly, it teaches kids how to identify, avoid and treat scratchies and owies when they occur. And unlike me, Jeff actually knows what he’s talking about. He’s a doctor.

My favorite feature of this book? The cartoon illustrations scattered throughout the pages. They give the writing a twist, and to be honest, they themselves are a little twisted. But that’s what’s cool about it. This is not your typical nature book.

I was going to provide you with some excerpts, but I don’t like to type. Instead, here’s me and Fury reading some passages from the book:


DontTouchThatSnakes.jpg Jeff informed me this weekend that his book is finally available through, and it’s starting to move. This could not have happened to a nicer, more talented guy. I highly recommend this book and you have my personal guarantee that it’s the best $9.95 you’ll ever spend on a book for your kid. And while you’re at it, check out his personal website. The guy can draw!

Of course, I’m all about the giveaways! I asked Jeff to give me a few copies to send to my readers. He not only sent me some, he drew a cartoon on each and autographed them. If you want to enter the drawing, please leave a comment about anything having to do with a creepy crawly experience that you or your kid has encountered. Please note that he will feature them on his website as well.

I’ll start:

When I was about 9, a yellowjacket landed on my burger. I did not see it. Yellowjackets do not like the inside of people’s mouths, apparently. He promptly retaliated by stinging me on the tongue. As I screamed, he seized that window of opportunity to crawl out my mouth and fly away. That bastard was telling the story to his pollen jock buddies for years to come.

Oh – and the trumping of Legos lasted a day and a half, in case you’re wondering. The next night, he asked me to sit by him and read the book. As he played with Legos. Spoil my kid much?