At Least it Wasn’t a Breast Pump...

PR is a thankless job. I spent many years in the industry. Probably the hardest job I’ve ever endured. Because of this, I empathize with anyone who’s got a client breathing down their neck to “get my story on Time Magazine!” Well, I’m not Time Magazine. But I certainly felt like it when I got my first-ever pitch this week.

When I first launched The Busy Dad Blog, I promised myself that I would write a “feature” for the first legit PR person who pitched me. No matter what the product or service was. Kind of like a tribute to my former profession. Ok, so it’s one hell of an ego boost as well. Someone out there actually read this blog and thought “this guy can lend some credibility to my client.” Talk about a Leap of Faith!

Lucky for me, I got pitched by a cool company with a very timely hook. Being a parent blogger, I was seriously afraid that my first feature would involve the words “Just set it and forget it. This handy contraption sucks all the nutrient-rich breast milk Jr. will need for the day into conveniently labeled bottles as you watch The Hills or play Sodoku.”

* * * *
Disclaimer: The following is intended for all the men in the house.

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Valentine’s Day Made Bearable

February 14th is a day for suckers. You know the moment you walk into any flower shop that day, the owner does that “watch this” sucker-nudge to his partner behind the counter. I don’t have to go on. You’re undoubtedly familiar with the feeling.

I don’t think any creature that has evolved higher than a finch brings their mate vegetation as a sign of affection. At least finches don’t have to fork out $50 for that pretty twig. If you’re tired of being punk’d by the flower industry, let me offer some alternatives:

1) Valentine’s Day Tank of Gas
Fill ‘er up! Premium. Nothing’s too good for my baby. I’d recommend the vintage 157,000,000 BC. That was a very good year for fossil fuels.

2) “I Love You” Hamster
One cute hamster + one vial of red food coloring = one adorable fuzzy bundle of love. I think food coloring is tested on animals, so the little guy will be safe from caustic burns and the like. And they’re cheaper and last longer than roses -- unless you suffer from “Worst Case Scenario Hamster Syndrome” like my poor friend, Mr. Lady.

Simple. I like that word. I don’t get enough simple in my life. I like this site because you can browse gifts by occasion. Eliminates the aimless crap-shoot browsing we men do when narrowing down gift possibilities. But I did you one better. I took the time to shop around and give you my best recommendation for the perfect Valentine’s day gift ensemble for your honey.

* * * *
Nice T-shirts eh? Very “hot-mom-at-the-preschool” (there’s always a couple of those, right dad?). And what better way to express your love for each other than to remind her every time she looks in the mirror how lucky she is to be with you? In really cool font.


Not quite ready to get your ass kicked? Ok, here are other cool T’s that might not be as easily misinterpreted.

* * * *
Here’s something that goes well with stylish T-shirts: Monogram Necklaces. No precious stones or metals. But infinitely more sentimental. Your love will get that warm fuzzy feeling sporting a necklace with meaningful initials on it: yours.


If you’ve already got your name inked on your honey’s lower back, you might want to opt for a less alphanumeric design.

* * * *
Fellas, you only have a few shopping days left. Get on over to and order something quick. I even worked out a discount just for you. Just type in the promo code BUSYDAD and you’ll get 10% off until Feb 28. I’ve got juice, boys. Mad juice.