As raw as I wanna be: pork is good.

When I was three, my mom was in the kitchen one night slicing pork for a stir fry. Due to a recent bout with diarrhea, I hadn't eaten any real food for a while, so I sat there watching, wanting, yearning. If you know three-year olds, you know that they're never simply watching. They're casing the joint. When my mom turned her back, I seized the opportunity. In one coordinated attack, I grabbed a handful of slippery, raw, pink pork off the chopping board, stuffed it into my mouth and experienced bliss.

I dig me some pork.

Lucky for me, the pork people dig me back. And they want me to impart some pork knowledge on you in the form of an original recipe for rack of pork. Rack of PorkWhat's a rack of pork, you ask? It's a hunk of pork chops, stuck together. Given that fact, "take a rack of pork, add fire" would suffice as a delicious recipe. But then they would probably cancel the check they sent me (that is called a disclosure statement creatively crafted into a conditional musing), so instead I've been using that money to experiment with lots of pork, cooking implements, indulgent ingredients and spices. In fact, there's some pork roasting in my oven right now. Did you know that pork lovers prefer the scent of pork over Glade for their homes 10 to 1?

Once I perfect the recipe next week, I will have a video for you.

In the meantime, pick up your very own rack of pork at Costco in honor of Pork Month and get $2.50 off for the rest of October. It's this week's featured cut. This past weekend, I was too lazy to brave the lines at Costco to get my experimental rack of pork, so I went to every other supermarket to find it. No luck. That's why I am roasting a loin roast right now. Don't be a pork dolt like me. Just go to Costco. While you're at it, pick up a 3-pack of guitar amps, just because you can.

One more thing before I go. The three-year-old me wasn't too far off. Did you know that the USDA recently revised its recommendations regarding safe pork temperatures? Turns out you don't have to cook your pork into a smoldering brick in order for it to be considered safe for consumption anymore. In fact, a little pink is actually ok. Just cook your pork to 145 F, let it rest 3 minutes, and you're good to go.

Hey, piggy. Does it feel hot in here? Like perhaps 145 degrees?