Another year, another ode to Dexter

Tomorrow night at this time, I will be trying to employ strategies to distract myself from the fact that I won't be able to watch another episode of Dexter for an entire year. I'm one of those people who gets genuinely angry when the credits begin to roll, so you can imagine what it's like to watch a season finale with me. Some couch pillows gonna get punched.

Last year my love for Dexter manifested itself in a Halloween costume (with matching office decor).

Then I made a "How Dexter Would Cook a Turkey" video.

This year, I wrote a seasonally appropriate poem. And by sharing it with you, I'm killing two birds with one roll of Saran Wrap, because I'd also like you to know that you can now find me writing for MamaPop.

What? Jim writing for MamaPop??? Yeah, that's what everyone says. Then again, you didn't know Mister Rogers was a Marine sniper either, did you? (I know it's an urban legend, but the analogy worked too well so go with it).

I'm only two posts in and I've already blown most of my pop culture wad. My first post was about Guns N' Roses, and the post that went live today is about Dexter. I guess I'll just post about Star Wars from here on out until they cut me off.

So anyway, without further excuses, please enjoy my latest: Twas the Night Before the 'Dexter' Season 6 Finale.