Anatomy of a Lurker: A Guest Post

I'm proud of this one. Perhaps by greatest accomplishment thus far as a blogger. I got a non-blogging lurker to guest post! I'd venture to say that this is an unprecedented event, but then again, I thought I was the only dad who blogged when I first started this here website. Chuckle. Without further ado, let's give a warm welcome to "Carol" (name has not been changed to protect her identity), my "blogless stalker" from NYC.

* * * * *

And now, a word from your sponsors...
the blogless majority.*

Don’t you bloggers ever wonder who all those lurking readers are? You know, that silent majority in the equation where x is your total number of readers, y is the number who comment, and x - y = a hella large number? You look at your stats and know you have over 5,000 unique visitors to your site, but only about 50 of those comment.

We are the silent readership. We come, we read, and we don't comment. We're the ones typing your address from memory and depriving you of a trackback URL. We're the ones faithfully visiting your from our reader. We are also, quite often, the ones steadily flipping back through your archives in a stalkerish fashion. [In my case, I am the one visiting you every day for an update and reading your archives in the meantime until I finally cave and start using this 'Are-Ess-Ess' dealio.]

We're not always parents. Some of us aren't even close to that point. I'm a single, 22 year-old recent college graduate who's working in the "real world" for the first time in my life. I don't know how far down the road kids are, or if they're even in the cards. But that doesn't stop me from reading you, Mr. Lady. Or you, Looky Daddy! Or you, Backpacking Dad, and Amalah, or even finslippy, you who first opened the parenting blog door to me (via Mimi Smartypants, but she doesn't really do the blogroll thing).

Your blogs give me a view into a world that I can't even imagine. While you terrify me with your pregnancy stories and bare to the world your heartbreaking struggles, I keep coming back for more. All of you share a piece of your life with us and show us what's coming, what could have happened, or what did. You gift us with personal stories when the bookstores are glutted with "expert opinions" on how to raise your children "right." You're our community when we need a village to raise our child.

*Yes, I realized after writing this post that the majority of you are blogless readers like me, so it doesn’t really make sense to be writing to bloggers. But I just pimped out a bunch of good links for you, so just shush and go read those.

Now my "actual" guest post:

I always knew I'd stalk something greater. Sure, looking up that cute blond guy’s schedule when I was an office aide wasn't a stunning abuse of a security hole, nor was finding out the address of my friend’s cute hapa guy later in high school, but I've always had a knack for finding information. I blame it on that children’s show that brainwashed me with “Knowledge is Power!” It’s not my fault googling my friend’s address comes up with the names of his neighbors and how much they donated to the Democratic Party (That’s the law’s fault). Maybe it scared that classmate when I figured out his schedule by looking at his books (and hey, maybe that’s why he won’t accept my friend request on facebook?), but that was just warm up for when it came to Busy Dad. Here was a person, nay a persona, completely unknown to me whose blog I stumbled upon from the great web of parent bloggers. Nothing whatsoever was mentioned in his first few entries that would give me a clue to geographical whereabouts (mentions of weather or nearby landmarks/conventions usually give it away) so it wasn’t until I saw “Pasadena” mentioned in a back entry that my mental ears perked up. Pasadena! 20 minutes away from where I lived at that time. All the other bloggers I read hours, states, or countries away. Here was one who lived in my own backyard. Reading his archives and twitters led to more information mining, one wonderful video clip of BD driving confirmed my suspicions as I recognized the streets I had grown up on, and it all culminated on the other side of the country with an awesome meet-up and the sharing of an amazing historic moment.

Point is, you never know who’s stalking your blog.