Always Late

By now, you’ve already seen and heard all the highlights, lowlights, gossip and blackmail pictures floating around the internet regarding the hugfest that was Blogher 08. And in true BusyDad fashion, I’m contributing way after the fact by simply saying “yeah, what they said.” Plus this:

This is how I originally was planning on going to Blogher 08:

Courtesy of Maria

And I totally partied it up as a drink stirrer that first night. This is actually the first time I was introduced to Dawn of

Courtesy of Maria
Dawn and VDog


After that first night, I was chatting with d Wife about my adventures as an inanimate object, and she wanted me to shut up already took pity on me.

“Why don’t you just go.”

I’m a good listener.

Not 24 hours later, my plane touched down at Oakland airport. After a quick BART ride, I was in radio contact with some of my best blogging pals whom I had never met!

Chronological re-enactment (to the best of my recollection) of my text messages between checking into my hotel and the 5-block walk to Ruby Skye for the Blogher party:

how far away?
Me: 4 blocks? Not sure
Mr Lady: get your ass over here!
where are u?
Me: 2 blocks
Miss (of the popsicle stick crew): u landed yet?
Me: yup! 1 block away from meeting them.
Miss: you all better drunk dial me
Me: of course!
Miss: I want pics
Me: 1 block!

As I made my way to the front entrance, there they were, behind the glass waving to me from the lobby. It was surreal. I know these people so well. I consider them my dear friends. But having never seen them in real life, it was more like meeting the stars of your favorite TV show or something. Except that they totally know you! And will run up and hug the poop out of you. For those of you who read Jogging in Circles, Whiskey in My Sippy Cup, Immoral Matriarch, Classy Chaos and VDog & Little Man, imagine what it would be like to meet all of them at once for the first time. Nuts I tell you. Nuts.

But the joy and excitement quickly deflated. They were sold out. I couldn’t even charm buy my way in! As I stood there guilty as hell that my dear friends were actually considering leaving this party to hang with me elsewhere (if it were all guys, that would be an “I love you man!” moment). VDog grabs my arm and says “Walk. Just walk. Go, go.” She’s connected, yo. Let the partay begin.

I call this one the Axis of Awesomeness. My awesomeness acquired naturally via osmosis.

Mr Lady, OHMommy and me


And guess who showed up in the midst of our partying? Soapbox Mom! I think I remarked sometime during the evening that we shouldn’t sit together because we were wearing the same outfit (hanging out with chicks rubs off on you after a while).

Soapbox Mom (who has interviewed me twice on her show Soapbox Radio)

Drunk … with happiness!

Kimmylyn and VDog

As promised we dialed Miss into the festivities and passed the phone around. I snapped this pic with my phone to send her.


Great. Now every guy with a computer is going to start a blog.

Shortly after this picture was taken, my memory got fuzzy. I remember JD, pancakes, corned beef hash, and an overwhelming feeling of warmth, friendship and camaraderie that, much like many embarrassing photos of me not published here, will float around for a long time to come.