Mom, I'm Not Gonna Tell You What It Is...

"... but it's made out of Legos, has petals and a stem. That's all I'm gonna tell you."

While Fury hasn't yet mastered the art of the Mother's Day gift hint, he does know his way around Legos. Better than I know my way around how to get a proper Mother’s Day gift, that’s for sure. Lucky for me, Joeprah was there to save the day. He advised me--Ok, so I straight up copied his gift (with his permission and blessing of course).

I know this post on Mother’s Day ideas is last minute, but I know kids and I know guys. If I posted this any earlier, it would have been forgotten by now. By timing it this way, someone may actually use some of these ideas. Desperation spawns action.

So go on, click. I’m even giving away stuff.

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