80's TV and baby feeding: what you should know

Hey everybody! I got a new job. Actually, I went back to an old job. It's complicated. Anyway, the point isn't that I got a new job. The point is, I'm trying to make excuses for not putting up a real post since mid-December. But considering my new/old job is only 15 min from my house and I have complete flexibility over my hours, I'm not presenting a very good case.


Cute baby!

This is Lessi, not cooperating with the morning routine. One of the perks of making your own hours is the freedom to stay at home and get oatmeal tossed in your face when your baby doesn't much feel like eating. Over the past 10 months (yes, she is almost a YEAR old!! Wha??), I've been honing my distraction skills. Usually, breaking out the ring of measuring spoons is enough to divert Lessi's attention from fighting the feeding so that she'll open her mouth when a bite comes her way. But not this morning. The Elmo voice didn't even work. Don't ask.

Having exhausted all viable options, I began the drum intro... bum-bum, badda bumbumbum...

"Wait, what's this?"

The A-Team theme song!

I had to sing it about 12 times, but Lessi bopped, bounced and smiled the whole time. And ate every single bite of her oatmeal.

I love it when a plan comes together.

For video proof of the effectiveness of this method, see here.