7 Facts Part II: Bigger, Badder and Randomer

Jo-N from Shower Your Children with Love – the Right Way recently tagged me to share 7 more random facts about myself. Her blog makes me chuckle even when she has no new posts for the day. Why? Because my blog reader truncates the title of her blog to simply: Shower Your Children. Believe me, I do need to be reminded of that. I have her to thank for Fury’s good hygiene.

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Round 2, Let's Get it On!

1) Johnny Cash played live for me, and only me. In 1996, I worked in the PR department of the House of Blues on Sunset Strip. Johnny Cash came through one day to play a show during his Unchained tour. On that day, I brought the press passes over to the club as I did every afternoon (corporate was located across the street). As destiny would have it, Johnny was in the middle of sound check when I arrived, standing on stage in regular street clothes with his band. No spotlights, no crowd, no audience – just me, my press passes and a bunch of empty tables. Unable to do much more than stare dumbfounded with mouth agape, I quietly took a seat so I could bask in the aura of badassedness that permeated the room. As I sat there like a deer in headlights, Johnny looked my way, nodded, winked and then broke into “Rusty Cage.” I got goose bumps just writing that.

2) I’m about to become a proud card-carrying Tennessee Squire. Those of you who have kept up with this blog know about my fondness for Jack Daniel’s. Not only do I enjoy it as I bid each night farewell, it is one of the few loves that my Dad and I shared. He passed away a few years ago. On the shelf in my home where his picture is displayed, there are three things alongside him: the book he wrote for his doctoral dissertation, a shot glass from my alma mater (it was his dream for me to go there) and his last unfinished bottle of Jack. A couple months ago, I was emailing with fellow parent blogger THE Mommy from Mommycosm.com, and we got to talking about Jack Daniel’s. I told her the story of me and my dad, and she told me about how her husband, dad and uncle are all Tennessee Squires! The Tennessee Squire Association was formed in 1956 by the Jack Daniel’s distillery to honor special friends of Jack Daniel’s. The only way to gain membership is to be nominated by an existing Squire, or if your name is Frank Sinatra. A couple weeks ago, I received an email from THE Mommy entitled “Merry Christmas!” Her husband had just received notice that they were opening up nominations for new Squires. They were nominating me. Have you ever been floored by the graciousness of another human being? I have.

3) I don’t like chocolate. Hey, they don’t all have to be long and meaningful!

4) I was on a dating show once. Remember MTV’s Singled Out? Yeah, I wasn’t on it. Instead, the producers offered me a spot on USA Network’s The Big Date. I realized two things from being on that show: 1) I am a total dork. 2) Strangers watch these shows and remember you when they run into you on the street.

5) I had diarrhea for 3 months when I was 6. Well, at least on paper. On my first day of summer camp, I fell into the pool during swim lessons and almost died (well, that’s what it felt like). From that day on, I had my mom write a note excusing me from swim lessons every day because I “had diarrhea.” My mom is also water-phobic (in fact, she just learned to swim in the past 3 years) and had no problem corroborating my story. The secretaries in the office must’ve felt so bad for this kid with chronic stomach problems who just sat there day after day while all the other kids were frolicking in the pool.

6) My friends resemble the Village People. No, they don’t gyrate in synch to a disco beat (unless they’re drunk). My group of friends simply covers the most random array of professions imaginable. Ok, there’s more lawyers than a guy like me could ever need. That’s not too random. But the rest of ‘em? A fireman, a few bouncers, a flair/performance bartender, a general contractor who also owns a gas station, a secret service agent, a factory owner, a banjo player, a teacher, a restaurateur, a paparazzi photographer, a former UFC referee, a really funny actor, a couple pro fighters and lots of unemployed people (wild cards). All of them are Macho Macho Men.

7) Here’s how my son got the nickname Fury. When d wife and I were thinking up a name for our son-to-be, I wanted to name him something that conveyed a sense of strength, righteousness and all-around badassedness (I know, this is the second time I used this term in one post. What can I say? I value badassedness. Ok, 3 times). The personification of these qualities is none other than Furious Styles, the fictional dad played by Laurence Fishburne in Boyz n the Hood. Wanting to spare our son (and us) curious looks, I suggested that we make his middle name Furious. d Wife vetoed that. Her family tradition dictated that his middle name be that of her father: Antonio. So I compromised. We agreed that his fightin’ name would be “Li’l Fury.” Turns out, everyone simply started calling him “Li’l Fury” from the day he popped out. Over the years, it evolved to simply, Fury. Even his great-grandparents call him Fury. So much for no funny looks...

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