They wanted lifestyle shots...

Before we begin this post, I want to say I was not paid for this. I was given a watch. But I really needed one at the time, and this watch is unlike any other watch I have ever had. Also, I want to thank Jord Watches for being good sports about this post. You'll see...

I haven't posted in more than six months. I was wondering what would get me back on this horse. The last thing I expected it to be was a watch. And a wooden watch at that. Mostly because I never knew wooden watches existed. You can't expect what you don't know exists. Wow, I leave for 6 months and I become Socrates. I should abandon this blog more often. 

Back to the wooden watch...

A few months ago, I got an email from a watch company called Jord. They wanted to give me a watch made out of wood. I ignored that email because I didn't catch that part about giving me a watch. Then they emailed me again. And again. This time, I caught that part about wanting to give me a watch. Wow, I leave for 6 months and I forget the fundamentals of reading. Apparently all three emails mentioned the fact that they wanted to give me a watch. 

This was the coolest watch ever. A watch made out of wood! I had been wearing the Pebble that I reviewed last year, but it had just conked out, so now was a good a time as ever to make a fashion statement. "I will gladly accept a watch... what would you like from me?"

"Lifestyle shots."

They showed me some samples from other bloggers. They were all fashion bloggers. There was good lighting, manicures, pearls, handbags and playful smiling going on. 

"Are you sure you want me to do lifestyle shots? I'm a dad."

They sent me the Ebony and Rosewood Dover watch and said go for it. So I did.

This one is called "Poop Patrol" and it explores a father's mad rush to pick up all the dog poop in the yard before the lawn guys come. Of course, we are in a drought, so there's no lawn. But what are we going to do? Fire the guy over something he can't control? Dads are benevolent.

Every week is an opportunity to grow, learn and prosper. But the best lessons are ones that recycle learnings from past experiences. What a great metaphor for this one that I call "Blue Can" -- like Blue Steel, but sustainable.


A dad just powers through whatever needs to get done. Come on, life, give me your best shot. A dad can take whatever the world can "Dish Out."

"Between the Seats" captures every dad's superpower: to be able to reach down into any dark corner, crevice or pocket and just pull out whatever's been festering there for the past few months. Luckily, 8 times out of 10, it's just gummy bears or goldfish.

A dad's responsibility is to keep those under his care healthy and safe. So even if it's a ton of fun to burn last year's homework, somebody's got to rain on the parade. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. May I present "Aww! Come on!!"

Like a sea captain, a dad needs to steer his ship through the proverbial ocean, no matter how rough it gets. "Hurricane 5 year old" has felled lesser men. Luckily if you know what time it is, you can count your way down to calmer seas. 

Finally, we have "Plating" -- because we all know that the difference between winning and losing is simply presentation. Also, finally a better view of the watch! 


Ok, so what's in it for you? Possibly a watch. That's way better than what you usually get from here. The people at Jord were nice enough to let me give away one $120 gift certificate for a Jord watch (you can buy a whole watch with that, plus it's always free shipping worldwide with them... yes, my friendly Canadians, that means you!). Usually when I do this, I make you leave a comment and then a few weeks later I remember that I was doing a giveaway, and then I randomly choose a winner and I contact them and they have no idea what I am talking about. 

Jord is helping me do this right. They gave me a Raffle Copter code. I have no idea how to integrate that so, it's sitting at the bottom of this post somewhere. If you can find the link to Raffle Copter, click it! It will take you to a contest page. Fill it out and on Nov. 5 someone will win. I think they will contact you, or I will. Either way, if you win, you will be contacted. Lastly, they gave me a widget to track visits to their site but I don't know how to integrate it into the body of my post, so if you see a random "Mens Watch" floating around somewhere, click it to go to their site. Help them out. Visits = love. Everybody who gives me a cool watch deserves some love. Hope you enjoyed the post. I've had too much bourbon tonight to end this post in any logical way. The end.