Not-So-Easy Rider

As a father, I face countless responsibilities in my quest to become a good parent: coax, force or negotiate 5 servings of fruit and vegetables into his system daily, execute an ongoing negative spin campaign on cigarettes, protect him from bullies and discourage him from becoming one, take measures to ensure that he and I both attend his college graduation… As a Dad, I also have a few milestones that I can call my own: help him catch his first fish (Black Crappie 5/15/05), teach him to throw and catch a baseball (attempt #1 failed miserably, resulting in a gushing nosebleed), debrief him after his first schoolyard fight (hopefully it was in self-defense, and an ass whuppin’), be there for his first heartbreak (Big sea. Lots of fish. Catch & release). This past weekend, we reached another milestone: riding a bike. I have to say that being there to witness this feat (and catch it on camera as it happened!) was exhilarating. I didn’t hoot ‘n holler anywhere near this much when Marcus learned to walk. Or when he said “dada.” Those were natural – this was 2 days of hard work and determination that showed me what he was made of. In our life thus far, I have to say this was the ultimate “that’s my boy!” moment. Enjoy the video!

NOTE: If your workplace blocks (most do), then you won't be able to view this video. Wait until you get home.