Meme in, Meme out

Ah, the dreaded meme. I have to be honest and say that I liked this. Being tagged by a fellow blogger wasn't bad at all. If this were my gang, I got ‘beat in’ today. Now that Joeprah has vouched for me, any lame post I make from here on out will reflect badly on him. Hey, but that’s how it goes in the ‘sphere.

Eight Things I am Passionate About

  1. My family. I would kill for any of them and die for most. But they mostly just kill me.
  2. Being the most kick assedly kick ass dad in the world.
  3. My friends. They keep me sane, and on occasion buzzed.
  4. Street food – from any country or city. I’ll trade some dysentery for a culturally enriching culinary experience any day. Italian sausages with sauteed peppers and onions in Boston, Ghetto dogs (bacon wrapped hotdogs with salsa and mayo) in L.A., Deep fried mussels in Istanbul, and yes, even skewered grilled cocoons with chili powder in Harbin (China).
  5. Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing). Been doing martial arts for over 16 years. Mom has been trying to convince me to quit for over 16 years.
  6. Cooking. Been actively cooking since 4th grade. I am the Jimi Hendrix of cooking. No formal training, but I can blow you away.
  7. Fishing. It was my coping mechanism when I was an awkward Asian kid growing up in an Irish neighborhood. I owe this sport a debt of gratitude.
  8. Writing. I love smearing my thoughts on paper. I write for work, I write for pleasure, and I have written something for pretty much everyone I know (resumes, MySpace profiles, complaint letters, websites, you name it).

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  1. Perform in a real honky tonk bar. I love country music and breaking down barriers. This would most certainly indulge both.
  2. Share my parenting tales with Marcus over a couple glasses of Macallan 30 yr. old when he becomes a dad. I have just enough left and it’s waiting patiently on my bar at home.
  3. Live on the shores of a lake, so I can wake up, walk out the door and catch a few fish. If only to get that damn recurring dream out of my head. I have literally dreamed this scenario since childhood.
  4. Own a big fat Harley -- which will probably be the thing I'm sitting on when I do finally bite it.
  5. Eat my way through Italy.
  6. Restore an old Camaro with Marcus, and then give it to him when he’s old enough to drive.
  7. Make sick amounts of money, so that I can make sure everyone in my family has what they need and what they want. Money does make the world go round. I’m a realist.
  8. Use what’s left over of my sick wad of cash to do something that will make a positive impact on children around the world because kids rock. I don't care if they are mine or someone else's.

Eight Things I Say Often

  1. Double Jack Daniels, neat, please.
  2. Oh! I gotta blog that one! (a recent phenomenon)
  3. Yeah… a 4 piece nuggets Happy Meal for a boy…
  4. You gonna finish that?
  5. Lemme just check my stats first. (another recent phenomenon)
  6. Huh?
  7. Where’s the Starbucks?!
  8. No, I can’t go, but thanks for thinking of me guys…

Eight Books I’ve Recently Read

  1. Blink: entertaining pop psychology book. Nothing too earth shattering.
  2. Black Hawk Down: the camaraderie of soldiers in battle is the stuff superheroes are made of.
  3. Don’t Try This at Home: very entertaining collection of kitchen disasters and mishaps as told by today’s most well-known chefs.
  4. Daddy Needs a Drink: an amusing collection of fatherhood anecdotes.
  5. Fast Food Nation: Scary. You know what’s scarier? I still eat at McDonald’s and love it.
  6. I’m Just Here for the Food: Alton Brown’s book. The guy from Good Eats, one of my favorite shows.
  7. Where the Sidewalk Ends: Classic! I could read this book over and over again.
  8. The Giving Tree: This has so much more meaning once you become a parent.

Eight Songs That I Could Listen To Over And Over

  1. Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
  2. Shine on You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd
  3. Coma – Guns n’ Roses
  4. Lonesome On’ry and Mean – Waylon Jennings
  5. Lookin’ for a Feeling – Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson
  6. Who’s Your Daddy – Toby Keith
  7. Dancing Queen – ABBA (in the privacy of my own home)
  8. You’re Nobody ‘Till Somebody Loves You – Dean Martin

Eight Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends

  1. They crack me up
  2. They’re good hearted
  3. They “get” me
  4. They love my kid
  5. They’d help me move a body
  6. They mobilize whenever I have free time (Jim’s free? Go! Go! Go!)
  7. They truly care
  8. They made great wingmen back when it mattered

Eight Things I Have Learned This Past Year

  1. Being a freelancer is awesome!! Until you have to pay the bills…
  2. I ain’t as good as I once was.
  3. How to ride the LA Metro system.
  4. Playing guitar and playing dad require a 30-hour day, and I can’t quit playing dad.
  5. Gas is never going back to $1.50 a gallon, and I should give up hope of ever driving my gas guzzling truck with impunity.
  6. There are a ton of dad blogs out there!
  7. Sopranos withdrawal is real.
  8. The hardest part about a construction project is getting the damn permit.

Eight People That Should Do This Meme and Not Complain

You know what? I’m so new at this blog thing that I only know about eight bloggers. And they’ve all pretty much been tagged. Are there any new bloggers reading this? If so, I would be happy to initiate you into the tag circle. Just let me know. It’s so junior high of me to say, but getting tagged made me feel like I made it into the “cool group.” Thanks Joeprah!