Like Taking Candy to a Daddy

I really need to start playing Sodoku or something. Anything to kick-start the neurons in this once-glorious dad brain. For five years, I have been coasting on the assumption that I am too sharp to be intentionally duped by my kid. As my posts have demonstrated, I’ve been wrong. But yesterday, Marcus reached a new low (or high, depending on which side you’re on). He has now taken to brazenly rope-a-doping me.CantTrustIt.jpg

We’ve just finished dinner and it’s time to wind down for the night. Ten minutes playtime, shower, book, bed. For finishing all his veggies, I let him have a piece of candy from his candy jar. He finishes his candy, and I start looking for the timer to begin his 10 minutes. As I start getting up, he brings me a bag of sour gummy bears. Without a word, he carefully undoes the twisty and places the open bag in front of me.

“Oh! I totally forgot I had these! And you even opened them for me!” I grab four and pop them into my mouth. I love sour gummy bears.

“Gotcha Dad.”

Marcus walks away. I look in the bag. No ants. The gummy bears taste fine. Kids – always saying random stuff. I shove more gummies in my mouth. Time passes. I’ve made a pretty nice dent in the bag. Ok, let’s find that timer.

I locate the timer and walk up to Marcus, who is playing quietly with his Optimus Prime.

“Ok – ready for your 10 minutes?”
“Gotcha, Dad.”
“Gotcha what! Why do you keep saying gotcha?”
“… because I knew those were your favorite, and if you were busy eating them I would get more time to play.”

I look at the clock. Bugger got 15 extra minutes from that little scam.